Does Anybody Know?

I'm not sure how we got your attention, but we are always asked why don't you publicize upcoming retiring employees? How come you didn't know I was retired? Why is my listing not on your web page? etc. etc.
Today, a business acquaintance of Charlie Grist just wrote and asked who his replacement was and could I give his contact info. He's in your (our) web page listed as retired, so can you give me the phone number or e-mail address of his replacement? Yeah, yeah, not my job. But once a customer service employee ...  I mailed to CGrist-at-SempraUtilities to no avail (after all, he's retired). So, I thought I'd give our client this one last shot. Maybe someone else knows Charlie. You see, we don't have any information about SDG&E retirees unless the retiree shares it with us. And Charlie didn't sign up for the directory. Do you know how we can contact him. Please reply by clicking here.

The client was perplexed. We knew Charlie was retired, so why don't we have his contact info? Well, apparently Charlie was one of the few who either told an alumni (who told us) he was retiring, found our web page or posted his retiring info on the Sempra Weekly News. We know he retired. But now Charlie needs to find us to get a directory and/or give us his directory info. You see, if someone finds our web page and signs up for our directory, we will have their info. SDG&E and Sempra cannot give it to us. It's not that we don't get along; they just need to protect their employees' confidential data. That's why we need your help. Unless someone contacts us, we don't have any information.
Does anybody know Charlie Grist? If so, please have him contact us.