Here are some of the questions you, our readers, have asked. If you have other questions, please reply to the webmaster and we'll publish the most popular ones.

Q1. Does SDG&E hire retirees? How do I find out about potential jobs?

A1. Yes, SDG&E often re-hires SDG&E Alumni who had a good work record. I was unable to obtain the SDG&E Human Resources department for official answer, but for now, I suggest you visit http://www.sdge.com/careers and see if there are any jobs for which you have interest.

Q2. I am having trouble getting answers from the SDG&E Retiree Service Center/My Retirement Connection. To whom else can I direct my questions? To whom do I complain?

A2. We have a brand new provider (March 2018) so this may no longer apply. It is My Retirement Connection at 855-376-7237. This is by far our top question (so why is it Q2?). Unfortunately, there is not a good answer. I am advised not to try and answer. Here is my best personal advice. When you speak with the Retiree Service Center representative, if you are not obtaining the service you desire, let them know about it, politely of course. Their calls are recorded and they really don't want to sound silly or less than helpful. Next ask to speak to their supervisor. That has worked for me. Finally, they often ask for survey feedback (both on the phone and every time you logout from their website). Take the time to give them the feedback they deserve. Give it to them! Be honest and specific. If enough of us answer honestly, that will help (looks like it helped!).

Q3. Why did I not receive an invitation to the Holiday Luncheon? My address is correct in your directory.

A3.  Beginning in 2019, invitations are only e-mailed along with our electronic newsletter, the Retiree Times, every October. If you did not receive an invitation by e-mail, we may not have your current e-mail address. Please update it here: update my e-mail addressWe also post the Holiday Luncheon information, including the invitation, on our website at http://sdgealumniassoc.org/id5.html.


Q4: Does anyone know if we retirees are still entitled to a corporate discount with Verizon cell phone service? We've had one for years and now Verizon is asking for proof of affiliation with Sempra. What can I give them if we are still entitled? Help.


A4. According to SDG&E via Telecom/HR, "as the program is currently rolled out, retirees do not get a discount."

Q5: Does anyone know if John Doe is retired? How do I get a hold of him? Hey, you knew I was retired, why don't you have my address?

A5. See the Does Anybody Know ...  page.

Q6: I lost my employee discount. What happened?

A6. When employees move, they are required to fill out a change of address form with their timekeeper to transfer the discount to the new SDG&E gas/electric account. Since retirees don't have a timekeeper, the SDG&E Call Center refers us to the Retiree Service Center (RSC) at 866-491-3316 (now My Retirement Connection at 855-376-7237). The RSC currently (December 2015) claims they know of no such form and refers you back to SDG&E. With MRC we don't know yet if this is still a problem. If it is, do it yourself here, a workaround by the helpful employees of the SDG&E Billing department. Download the Employee Discount form, complete it and mail to SDG&E for processing c/o Employee Discount-CP42I, 8306 Century Park Ct, San Diego CA 92123-1530. Corrections will be on a go-forward basis only (no retroactive adjustments). You can also direct questions to mailto:EmpDisPg@SempraUtilities.com?subject=Employee%20Discount.

Q7: Why is my name not in the alumni association directory? Or the list of retirees?

A7. You need to send the info to us! We have kept a list of retirees only since 2002, which is when we began publishing the names in the SDG&E Retiree Times. If you retired before 2002, we don't have that info, so we don't publish it. After 2002. the most common reason is because we were never notified of your retirement. Please go to our directory web page at http://www.sdgealumniassoc.org/id40.html and fill in the information. Alternately, if you don't do computers, you can call one of us on the board and give us your contact info and dates hired/retired and we will send the info along. Sempra and SDG&E will NOT give us any information about employees or retirees because they are protecting your confidential information.
Q8. Can retirees donate to the Sempra Employees Giving Network (SEGN)?
A8. No, not at the present time. Apparently our non-profit organization cannot be connected to Sempra. We are working on some type of other way to channel your donations, perhaps through another fund.
Q9. Can retirees participate with active employees in community volunteer activities?
A9. You asked. We listened. A manual program has been set up through the SDG&E Alumni Association Advisor to notify us of the upcoming events when they are posted on SDG&E's intranet. We will share these opportunities with you on the SDG&E Alumni Association Facebook page. If our participation exceeds expectations, a more comprehensive system will be set up for us.
Q10. My SDG&E retiree friend died recently. When his spouse called the SDG&E Retiree Service Center about collecting his $10,000 life insurance policy, they told me they had never heard of such a thing. How do I prove she is entitled to that benefit?
A10. See Q2 above. Most retiree benefits are described in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) document that SDG&E is required to give all employees who retire. The life insurance benefit amount changes depending on your year of retirement. If you retired after January 1, 2006, the amount is a flat $10,000. In the 2012 SPD for Retiree Group Health and Welfare (Non-represented Retired Employees) the benefit is described on page 85 (Your Life Insurance Plan Options). This information also shows up on their (your) MyRetirement website. Log in to your My Retirement Connection website at https://myretirementconnection.ehr.com and click on the Health and Welfare tab. Under Company Paid Life Insurance it will state Coverage: $10,000 (depending on year of retirement) followed by Monthly After-tax cost $0.00. It is unbelievable that any employee of the SDG&E Retiree Service Center cannot immediately see this. Call again. Ask for the supervisor. Read this statement to them. (Not yet sure if new MRC has this info.)


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