Tips for Alumni

These tips will or have appeared in the Retiree Times or e-Newsletter, but you saw it here first.

Contact an active SDG&E employee
Voice Dial Sempra or SDG&E employee at 619-272-4588. Trying to call on old friend at SDG&E but don't have their number? Need to call hands-free? Call the Sempra Directory Voice Dial Number 619-272-4588. Respond to the prompt "Utilities" (or "Corporate Center") and then speak the person's name (use formal name in directory, not the nickname). The voice dial system will call the number for you. Hands free.

Have You Moved?
Whether or not you receive a monthly pension payment, it is important that you notify the Retiree Service Center of your new address. Sempra needs your updated address to notify you of any benefit changes. The Newsletter is also sent to the company address of record. Please call the My Retirement Connection (MRC) at 855-376-7237 or visit them at to report any changes as well as answer other questions you may have.

Reading newsletters - Font Size, the Mousewheel Trick
For you more technically oriented readers, you may or may not already know the Ctrl-mousewheel trick - with just about any Microsoft software, including Internet Explorer, Word, and even Adobe pdf, you can hold down the Ctrl key and then spin your mousewheel up or down to increase or decrease the size of your print.

Retirement Benefits Reminder
For those individuals that took equal pensions for both spouses at the time of retirement, if the spouse of the retired individual passes away before the retired employee, you may be entitled to a "POP UP" increase in your monthly pension. Contact My Retirement Connection at 855-376-7237.

SDG&E Bill
How about your employee discount on your SDG&E bill? You must complete a new employee discount card for the new address or you may lose your discount until SDG&E is notified; you will not be eligible for a retroactive bill to receive discounts missed. Again, contact My Retirement Connection at 855-376-7237. To ensure your discount is still in place, you can check your current bill online. Go to (create a new account if you haven’t already) and click View My Bill and View Detailed Bill links. Then you can search (Ctrl-F on most browsers) for the word “discount” which you will find just before the Total Gas/Electric charges.

Other "Savings" Tips from eNewsletters