About Us

The SDG&E Alumni Association was established in 1942 by Hance H. Cleland as the "SDG&E Old Timers" in order to promote, renew and continue the friendships and fellowships made during employment at San Diego Gas & Electric Company;  recall and perpetuate the facts, traditions and memories attaching to the development of the gas and electric industry in San Diego and Orange Counties, California.

Today as the SDG&E Alumni Association, a registered non-profit 501(c)(7) organization, we remain committed to the original goals and objectives of the founders of the original organization so many years ago.

Regular Membership
1. Any person, who has been employed by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and has been retired under the SDG&E retirement plan, shall become a Member.
2. Any active employee of SDG&E with 25 years of employment as of 12/31/97, who is already a member, will continue to be a member.
Any person who has qualified under these requirements cannot be removed because of re-employment at SDG&E or any changes in work status.

Associate membership is open to the following, by petition to the Board:
3. Any SDG&E employee who leaves the employ of SDG&E prior to retirement, when they reach age 55
4. Any SDG&E employee with 25 years of service as of 12/31/97, who has transferred to another Sempra affiliate; and
5. Any spouse of the deceased retired SDG&E employee

Once approved by the board, the Associate Member shall be entitled to all the privileges of Membership.