The SDG&E Employees' Association has a cooperative relationship with the SDG&E Alumni Association. See the SDG&E Employees' Association Facebook page. Upcoming events are listed immediately below, and discount tickets are always available through the Employees Association to the Theme parks and Movie theaters at the bottom of this page. Current SDG&E Alumni Association contact (November 2018) is Evalette Bennett at retirees@easdge.com and 858-654-1240. Info coming soon on a means for retirees to obtain membership benefits is coming soon.

Upcoming EA Events

Go to "Special Events" on the EA website for more information and ticket order forms.

  • No other new events at this time.


Ongoing EA Events

For informal alumni activities and events, see our Alumni Association-only Events page.


EA On-Line Ticket Store - Open for Business!

The Employees' Association of SDG&E has launched a new online ticket store! (http://www.easdge.com/)
You can now order tickets from the convenience of your desk, as well as using PayPal to complete your purchase.
Order Dave & Buster's Power Cards, Sees Candy Certificates, and tickets to your favorite movie theatre:

Hurry and place your order today.

* Expected delivery is within 48-hours of your order being received (Excluding Holidays and weekends).


The Employees Association obtains discounts on See's candy, nearby theme parks and local movie theaters.

See's Candy
Get See's Candy certificates at $16.00 per pound (as of 3/01/2017). Use online store. or contact Elisa Espinoza


Theme Parks
Online only prices and promotional offers are subject to change without notice. Additional processing fee is shown separately when known.
Pricing is available at online store.

Movie Tickets - Use the online store at https://www.easdge.com

Prices up to date at online store
Last updated 02/13/2018.