The Alumni Association acquired two World War II scrapbooks from the SDG&E archives. Each page is devoted to one of 216 Gasco employees (marked *) who served in the Armed Forces during WWII. We would like to share the individual pages of these proud veterans.

We have expanded this list to include all retired SDG&E veterans. If you have information about a retired veteran who is not yet on this list, please fill out this online Veteran Status Update form. The list of all veterans and the branch of service in which they served follows:

* Abbey, Edward KU S Navy
* Abney, Lee IU S Army
* Adams, C JackU S Army
*Aicinena, JohnU S Army
 Aldrich, KathleenU S Navy
 Allen, MichaelU S M C
 Alvarado, Paul EU S Navy
*Anderson, John AU S Army
 Angelo, MikeU S Army
 Annett, William "Bill"U S Navy Seabees
*Armstrong, Harley AU S Army
 Ashby, Dennis AU S Navy
 Asperin, Wilfredo GU S Navy
 Baasch, Marvin LU S M C
 Baldwin, Roger EU S Navy
*Banks, Hugh CU S Navy
 Barajas, David FU S Army
 Barajas, Richard "Rick"U S Air Force
 Barlow, Randal G "Ron"U S Air Force

Barnes, Lloyd

U S Navy Seabees
*Basham, James BU S Army
*Bastian, Ben HU S Army
*Battin, Kenneth EU S Army
*Beck, Carl GU S Navy
 Behnke, Richard HU S Air Force
 Bell, HubertU S Navy
*Berger, Joe SNavy Sea Bees
*Beyrer, William EU S Army
 Birdsall, Billie L RU S Navy
*Bishop, George ArthurU S Navy
*Black, James VU S Navy
Black, RayU S Navy
*Boaz, John KU S Navy
*Bogan, Foy TU S Army
*Boughn, Robert EU S Army
 Boulter, SteveU S Army
*Bowen, William TU S Army
*Bowie, Bruce TU S Navy
*Bowman, Earl AU S Army
*Bradford, Clarence WU S M C
*Bradford, Gerald VU S M C
*Brassey, Cody JNavy Sea Bees
*Breeding, William PU S Navy
 Brice, Robert EU S M C
 Brilliant, JoelU S Navy
 Broccardo, Alfred S "Fred"U S Army
*Brown, Kenneth MU S Navy
*Bryce, Thomas AU S Army
Buchele, Lowell H
U S Army
 Buckwalter, Kenneth LU S Marine Corps
*Bulmer, Frederick TU S Army
*Bunce, Carlton JU S Navy
*Burns, William ENavy Sea Bees
 Burton, John BU S M C
 Camacho, JesusU S Army
 Campbell, George RU S Army
*Caporaletti, GinoU S Army
*Capwell, C WeylandNavy Sea Bees
*Cartledge, George ENavy Sea Bees
*Cassell, Albert NU S Navy
 Caylor, B L "Roy"U S Army
 Cazimero, AlvinU S Army
 Ciesielski, WesU S Air Force
*Clarke, Robert HNavy Seabees
 Clay, Kenneth SU S Army
*Cleaver, Edwin T "Toby"U S Army
 Clements, James M "Mike"U S Navy
 Clifford, Michael EU S Army
 Cobb, Jimmie CU S Navy
*Coleman, David Roy JrU S Army
*Comer, Weslay CU S Army
*Conchin, Arthur JU S Navy
*Condit, Jack DU S Army
 Conn, Charles EU S Navy
*Constantino, SaverioU S Navy
Conville, Elbert HU S Navy
Cooley, James Ralph JrU S Army
 Copeland, SteveU S Army
 Corrigan, DanielU S Navy
Cowgill, Pauline R "Blair"W A V E S
Craghead, Howard OU S Navy
Cropley, William LU S Navy
Cunningham, Jack CU S Army
 Cunningham, Thomas WU S Army
Curtis, David FU S Coast Guard
Daly, Cyril J "Mickey"U S Army
 Daniels, Harold DU S Army
Dargo, William CU S Army
 Davis, Billie FU S Navy

Day, Donald E 

U S Navy
Daynes, Wilbur EU S Navy
Decker, Lloyd DU S Army
 Deibert, Ernest FU S Navy
 Delfirro, Napoleon RU S Navy
 Diego, Robert PU S Navy
 Digenan, John JU S M C
 Dildine, AlbertU S Navy
Dillavou, Howard LU S Army
 Dimuzio, Eugene DenoU S Army
 Di Prima, Salvatore Jack "Sal" U S Navy
Dokey, Henry LU S Navy
 Dollins, MikeU S Air Force
 Donald, VernonU S Navy
Doster, Gilbert BRed Cross
 Douglass, DaleU S Army
 Doyle, James HU S Navy
 Drage, Genry RU S Navy
Dunahoo, Clarence EU S Navy
 Duncan, Donald LU S Air Force
 Dyas, David EU S Navy
 Eaton, DavidU S Army
 Eckles, Merlyn DU S Army
Edens, Bennie F SrNavy Sea Bees
 Edwards, Robert FU S Navy
Eisele, Walter JU S Navy
Eldridge, Russell HU S Army
Evans, Harry DNavy Sea Bees
Evje, Lynn HU S Army
Farwell, Richard EU S Navy
 Ferguson, Thomas A "Tom"U S Army
 Finley, JohnU S Air Force
Fitch, Roy HU S Army
 Flihan, FredU S M C
 Flores, Patrick HU S Army
Ford, Jack FU S Army
 Frank, James EU S Air Force
Frazer, William EU S M C
Free, William EU S Army
 Freeman, RonU S M C
 Freund, James JU S Army
 Frosio, Gerald R

U S Army Air Corps 

Frye, Marguerite FW A C
 Funke, Carl AU S Army
 Furwell, Richard EU S Navy
 Gallo, Anthony MU S Army
 Gardner, ChuckU S Army
 Garegnani, ThomasU S Army
 Gartrekk, Marzelia "Martie"U S Navy
 Gelvezon, Ernesto GU S Navy
 George, Joseph Alvin "Al"U S M C
 Gilligan, Sidney R "Sid"U S M C
Glass, Walter NU S Navy
Glenn, Harold SU S Navy

Gobel, William M "Mickey" 

U S Navy
Goerlitz, Harvey TU S Navy
 Gonzalez, Pedro “Pete”U S M C
 Goodman, Donald CU S Navy
 Goodman, Douglas MU S Air Force
 Goset, James NU S Army
 Greene, David VU S Navy
 Grove, Donald KU S Air Force
Guichard, Ray LU S Navy
 Guin, MichaelU S Air Force
 Hadley, Guy U S M C
Hakes, Herbert HU S Navy
Hall, William EU S Navy
Halvorson, Robert DU S Army
 Hanselman, Harold RU S Navy
 Hansen, TeddU S Air Force
Harding, William EU S M C
Harp, Charles ENavy Sea Bees
Hawkes, William LU S Army
Hawley, Edward RU S Navy
 Hazelrigg, WilliamU S M C
 Hebdon, WalterU S Air Force
 Heggstrom, Kenneth CU S Air Force 
Helling, Paul GNavy Sea Bees
 Helm, Tommy RU S M C
 Henke, Douglas CU S Army
 Herman, Douglas GU S Army
 Hern, RichardU S Army
Hewitt, Russell AU S Navy
Higbee, Keller AU S Navy
Hill, Jack WU S Army
Hiller, Francis EU S Navy
Hirr, Otto AU S Navy
Hitch, James RU S Army
Hogan, Edgar WU S Army
 Holden, Gary SU S Army
Holder, Marion EU S Navy
 Holmes, Lawrence BU S Navy
 Holt, LannyU S Army
 Honczarenko, AntonU S Army
 Hood, John VU S Coast Guard
 Hovan, LarryU S Navy
 Howell, Beamon DU S Navy
Hubble, CraigU S Air Force
Hughes, M DoyleU S Army
 Humphrey, Alonzo FU S Navy 
Humphrey, Richard CU S Army
Hunt, Fred NU S Navy
Hunter, Fred W JrU S Army
Hunter, Milford SU S Army
Hurt, Ben DNavy Sea Bees
 Iammarino, MichaelU S Air Force
Iavelli, Michael LU S Navy
Iddings, Charles FU S Navy
Jackson, Clarence EU S Navy
Jelinek, RoscoeNavy Sea Bees
Jenner, Lamar KU S Coast Guard
Jensen, Clarence PNavy Sea Bees
Jensen, David LU S Army
 Johnson Jr, Carl RU S Army
Johnson, Fred H JrU S Army
Johnson, Wyley D "Del"U S Navy
 Jones, David RU S Air Force
Jones, Harry EU S Army
 Robert L JonesU S Navy
 Jones, Robert P "Pat"U S Navy or Coast Guard
 Joubert, WoodrowU S Navy
 Joyce, John E SrU S Army
Joyce, John M "Jack"U S Army
Kallio, Kuano KU S Army
 Keeton, Orville EU S Navy
 Keith Jr, Zane T "Pat"U S Army
Keller, Harold GU S Army
 Kemp, Fred LU S Air Force
Kenline, George BU S Army
 Kenna, BrianU S Navy
Kent, George TU S Navy
Kersey, Williard WU S Army
Kimball, Gordon SU S Navy
Kincaid, PhillipU S Navy
Kindig, Curtis HU S Navy
King, Fordyce FU S Army
Kivett, Gifford GU S Army
Klippert, EdwardU S Navy
 Knight, Kenneth "Fred"U S Navy
Knudtson, Sidney AU S Army
Kolquist, James AU S Army
 Koufoudakis, JohnU S Army
 Kozik, DougU S Navy
Kulhavy, Lumir OU S Navy


* Labranch, Jefferson NMerchant Marine
* Lafaver, Amos FU S Army
* Laing, AlanU S Navy
* Lambert, LeeU S Navy
 Landers, Harold R "Bob"U S Navy
 Larimore, TomU S Army
 Larsen, RodgerU S Army
* Lauzier, TedU S Navy
Lee, TennysonU S Army
 Lemen, BillU S Army
 Lifer, DickU S Navy
*Lindquist, Milton CU S Navy
 Liska, BruceU S Navy
 Logan, Robert TU S M C
 Luko, LarryU S M C
 Lutsko, Frederick StephenU S Navy
Lyons, Ralph HU S Navy
 MacInnes, William MU S Army
 Mack, Harold E

U S M C 

 Mahoney, Patricia AU S Navy
 Maier, Christopher SU S Army
 Manning, LelaU S Navy
 Maples, JamesU S M C
Marley, Harvey RU S Navy
Marrs, Leland WU S Navy
Marsh, James AU S Navy
 Martin, Andrew LU S Army
 Martin, Brian JU S Navy
Martin, Keith FU S Army
 Mc Anally, William HU S Navy
 McFarland, Albert RU S Army
McIndoo, Harry WMerchant Marine
McIntyre, Jack LU S Navy
 McKeller, Harold DU S Air Force
McKinley, William AU S Navy
McKnight, Pauline RW A V E S
 McKray, ThomasU S Army
 McQuinn, James AU S Navy
 Meadows, RonU S Army
*Means, MaryU S M C
 Megill, Laurence John "Larry"U S Navy
Mehring, Ray GU S Army
 Melby, David LU S Navy
 Mello, JamesU S Air Force
 Melville, JimU S Navy
 Mena, LouieU S Air Force
 Meron, Larry JU S Navy
 Michael, Milton D "Mike"U S Army
 Mihoky, Douglas EU S Army
Miller, Leonard EU S Navy

Montoya, Gilbert J 

U S Navy
Moore, John JU S Navy
Moore, Robert D "Potsy"U S Army
 Moore, Timothy LU S Army
Morris, Robert SU S Army
 Mulherin, JerryU S M C
Murphy, Frank CU S Army
Myers, Phillip E "Ted"U S Army
 Nash, Michael GU S Air Force
Nelson, George FU S Navy
 Nelson, TiffU S Navy
New, William RU S Army
 Newsom, Robert Nathaniel "Bob"U S Army
*Norris, Francis C JrU S Navy
 Nunnally, SamU S Navy
Nuthall, Vernon AU S M C
 O'Carroll, Thomas AU S Army 
Olsen, Harold NU S Navy
Olsen, William A JrU S Army
Ondler, William JU S Army
 Orrell, Curtis C, JrU S M C
Osburn, Howard HU S Army
Owen, Oliver R JrU S Army
 Paape, Ronald GU S Army
Paige, James WU S Army
 L John PairisU S Army
Palmer, Herbert EU S Army
Parsley, Robert EU S Navy
 Parsons, JimU S Air Force
 Patrick, Ronald LewisU S Army
 Patton Jr, Thomas H "Tom"U S Navy
Pemberton, Otis LU S Army
Pennywitt, William FU S Navy
Pesh, JohnU S Navy
 Phillips, Walter E JrU S Army
Pignatelli, Joe BU S Navy
Poncavage, William AU S M C
 Popke, Herbert AU S Air Force
 Popoff, George C "Chris"U S Army
Porter, Robert HU S Army
 Potts, George AU S Army
 Poyner, HaroldU S Air Force
Pratt, John RNavy Sea Bees
 Provencio, PeteU S M C
 Pulliam III, Charles HJ "Chuck"U S Air Force
 Purcell, George WayneU S M C
 Purves, Ralph AU S Navy

Rabanzo, Francisco F

U S Army
 Ramos, JosephU S M C
Randall, Clyde LU S Army
Raynaud, Paul LU S Army
Rechtsteiner, Carl JU S Navy
Reece, Willard LU S Army
Reed, Leland VU S Army
Reese, Leo LU S Navy
 Reinhold, Alfred PU S Navy
Rex, James DurossU S Army
 Rhodes, Howard W "Dusty"U S Navy

Ricard, Robert Raymond 

U S Army
Richards, Art W "Winn"U S Army
 Richter, Roy D "Denis"U S Navy
 Ridgway, James R "Jim"U S Army
 RipleyU S Air Force
Ritchie, FredNavy Sea Bees
 Rivera, RafaelU S Army
 Rivero, RichardU S Army
 Roberson Jr, Ernest John "Ernie"U S Air Force

Roberts, Kenneth 

U S Army
Robertson, Jerome RU S Army
Robinson, Norman A "Bud"U S Army
Rogers, Carl WU S Navy
Rose, Forest LU S Army
Ross, Donald P

U S Navy

 Royer, JohnU S Navy
 Rylaarsdam, David HU S Navy
Sage, Robert AaronArmy Air Corps
 Santy, Paul J

Merchant Marine

Saunders, E C "Cliff"U S Coast Guard
 Scalise, AngeloU S Army
 Schliekelman, DougU S Navy
 Schmidt, Max CU S Army
Schneider, Elmer VU S Army
 Seiter, Paul SU S Navy
 Seiter, Philip JU S M C
Sexton, Norman PU S Navy
 Shanafelt, RonaldU S Navy
 Shimmin, Daniel LU S Navy
 Siebrand, ClarkU S Army

Skidmore, Don R

Slater, Joe MU S Army
Slattery, Joe MU S Army
 Sluder, Clarence PU S Navy
 Smeltzer, RonaldU S Navy

Smith, Alfred "Fred" 

U S Army
Smith, Clarence MU S Army
Smith, Leon CU S Navy
Smith, Reginald CU S Army
 Smith, Ronald EU S Army
Smith, Stanley EU S Army
Snell, Daniel RSU S Army
 Soares, Michael KU S Army
Spence, Kenneth EU S Army
Spencer, Thomas AU S Army
 Sprague, Jay LU S Army
 Stark, JamesU S Navy
Steburg, Thomas EU S Army
Steckler, Kenneth RU S Navy
Stewart, Lavina AW A C
Stolzoff, Robert HU S M C
Storton, Bernard F JU S Army
Stovall, Ben LU S Navy
Streuter, Thomas LU S Army
Sundstrom, Matthew EU S Army
Sundstrom, Phillip FU S Army
Surber, Leonard VNavy Sea Bees
 Swanson, Loren AU S Navy
Swinney, Donald BU S Navy
 Tabadisto, Clifford AU S Air Force
Taliaerro, Richard SU S Army
 Tallman, Floyd RayU S M C
 Tasem, Maury GeneU S Navy
 Tate, JerryU S Army
 Taylor, Donald Ray, SrU S M C
Teepe, Fred WU S Navy

Teeter, James S

 Terrell, DavidU S Navy
 Thedell, Terry DU S Army
Thompson, George "Bud"U S Navy
*Tuck, ThomasU S Navy
Turner, Daniel LU S Army
 Unutoa, Simanu LU S Army
 Uzelac, William JU S Navy
Valiton, Peter MU S Army
Vallon, Peter CU S Army
 Villarino, Ernest M "Joe"U S Army
 Walker, Erroll WU S Navy
Warren, Earl PU S Navy
Warren, Elmer JNavy Sea Bees
Watt, Homer EU S Navy

Webster, Robert G Jr

U S Navy
Welborn, James ENavy Sea Bees
West, John RU S Army
Whilldin, Harold LU S Navy
White, Kenneth HillU S Army
Whited, Everest AU S Navy
Wier, Peggy JaneW A C
 Willard, Robert IU S Navy
Willey, James BU S Army
Willey, John RU S Army
*Williams, Frank PU S Air Force
Williams, Roland HU S Navy

Williams, Ron

U S Navy
 Williamson, John DU S Army
 Willyard, Luther "Glen"U S Navy
Wilson, Glenn LU S Army
Wineteer, George LU S Navy
 Winter, Terry MU S Army
 Wood, Alan AU S Air Force
Wood, Ernest FU S Army
 Woolery, Paul GU S M C
 Wright, ChuckU S Navy
 Wright, Douglas MU S Navy
Wright, Ralph AU S Navy
Wyman, VaughnU S Army
 Yamasaki, RogerU S Army
 Zellers, Philip J "Phil"U S Navy